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Mike Randall (Director), Ohai, New Zealand.

Our services

Can we help solve your digital electronics problem?

Let's say your company has a problem in some area of digital electronics. It could well be that your senior engineers are committed already to other tasks where their intimate knowledge of your product and procedures are crucial.

Maybe you have to redesign a board at short notice to meet enhanced specifications, or to work around the discontinuance of a key component.

Maybe you need an interface or add-on to provide your customer with enhanced functionality. Maybe you need to use an off-the-shelf device in a new way and it's not the manufacturer's policy to let you have the necessary documentation.

Maybe you have a new product idea, a bit out of your own area of expertise, and you need a feasibility study or prototype design. Perhaps your new design just doesn't work the way it should and you need another opinion.

Or perhaps you need some software engineering that requires an intimate knowledge of the hardware issues or of the disciplines of mathematics or physics.

Yes, we most likely can help. All our clients were in a similar position and are happy they found us.

You can call on our expertise in any of these areas:

  • Digital hardware design
  • 32-bit microprocessors - Freescale 68360
  • 8-bit microprocessors - Freescale, 8051 derivatives, Atmel AVR, PIC etc
  • DSP - Texas Instruments 'C55xx
  • Analog device interfacing
  • FPGAs, CPLDs - Xilinx and Altera
  • Altium Designer complete CAE
  • Encryption - in software and FPGA
  • Firmware/Software engineering
  • VHDL, Delphi 7, C, Assembler, Matlab
  • GPS, IrDA serial protocols and interfaces
  • Mobile Satellite Telephony

We are very clever, if not modest, so whether your problem is out of the ordinary or just too hard, please contact us for an initial discussion. We'll be delighted to help you.

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