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Mike Randall (Director), Christchurch, New Zealand.

MK9 - a dual-processor project

This project involved an experimental test-bed for development and testing of 68000 series software and inter-processor communication software.

Microprocessor-Design designed the board as well as the firmware and software.

The key hardware elements were the processors, Freescale 68000 and 6809, each with their own memory space and peripheral I/O, with shared or dual-ported RAM as the vehicle for inter-processor communications.

We designed and developed the device drivers in Assembler for the two (related) commercial operating systems, considerable utility code in Assembler 'C' and Modula-2 and implemented a Modula-2 compiler for the 68000 side.

We also wrote the inter-processor code to allow the 6809 side to act as an interrupt-driven intelligent I/O processor with the 68000 side as master.

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