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Mike Randall (Director), Christchurch, New Zealand.

EARSS digital seismic data acquisition system

This was a major project for Microprocessor-Design. It involved about 40,000 lines of code, some in assembler for the Hitachi 6309 processor (which has an instruction set very similar to the 68HC11) and some in "Whimsical" (a pascal-like language).

We also designed the digital hardware, including a set of ancillary boards to make up a microcomputer complete with floppy disk and SCSI hard disk interfaces. We had recommended a policy of developing and testing all target firmware on a development system that used the target processor itself.

Software reliability was a prime concern. All OS drivers and utility software (including a powerful programmer's text editor) were our responsibility.

Core start-up code for the main processor and the frequency domain co-processor and all the embedded code for the SCSI storage processor were written by us.

The instruments (about 120 of them) were deployed throughout the New Zealand Seismic Network, where they ran unattended in remote locations.

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