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Salute to Galileo

OK, so we took a leaf out of Galileo's book*. We would like to think that we are the kind of people he would have enjoyed working with. Thinking outside the square was his forté too.

Needless to say, Galileo is our hero. While he respected authority he still felt the need to question its pronouncements on the world and to observe it. He was a founder of the scientific method, and one of its most painstaking practitioners. In his work on the physics of bodies rolling downhill, when he got to the limits of the measuring techniques of his time (the human pulse was the unit of measure of short intervals) he invented better (weighing the quantity of water that flowed in the time).

Though we love our work to be noticed, no doubt it will avoid the fate of Galileo's most famous book, "Dialogue on the Two World Systems", placed by the Holy Office of the Inquisition on the Index of Prohibited Books in 1633; it was not removed until 1835. Who will remember our work in even one hundred years?

Hire an expert. You never know, you might become today's Medici.