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Out-sourcing, contracting and consulting.
Mike Randall (Director), Ohai, New Zealand.

About µP‑D

Microprocessor-Design was formed as a proprietary limited company in Australia by Dr Mike Randall as the director and chief consultant. Associate consultants from a network of digital engineers are involved in our contracts when appropriate.

When Mike returned to New Zealand to take up a 'permanent' position he de-registered the Australian company and retains the name to cover his consulting business in New Zealand.

Mike began his career as a theoretical seismologist, publishing widely and gaining a PhD (with Distinction) in Planetary Physics at UCLA. He spent two years as a professor in geophysics at Brown University, Providence, and 12 years working in the Geophysics Division of the (then) Department of Industrial Research in New Zealand.

Why the career switch to microprocessor design?

Mike took up designing with microprocessors to develop a digital seismometer. His research needed good quality digital data from local earthquakes and the DSIR didn't have the instrumentation to collect it. So being a good Kiwi bloke, he developed a very successful instrument as well as a passion for electronic design.

A good Kiwi bloke? Well, they say New Zealanders can invent and construct pretty well anything from motley scraps and a piece of No. 8 wire. Microprocessor design does not use No. 8 wire, but Kiwi ingenuity and inventiveness is a boon in any field.

Brown University
Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (ex-DSIR)