Hardly a day goes by without me using Hypersnap

HyperSnap-DX is the most powerful screen capture tool available for Microsoft Windows, complete with image editing tools! It captures screens from standard desktop programs and those hard-to-grab DirectX, Direct3D, 3dfx Glide mode games. HyperSnap-DX can auto-scroll and capture long web pages and other documents---even grabbing more than is visible on the screen. It tightly integrates with the MS Windows clipboard, and version 5 has new painting and image editing tools.

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I use it mostly for documentation during firmware development - I can take screen shots of all or any part of the screen annotate it, draw pointers to critical features.   For hardware documentation I can manipulate digital camera shots, add pointers and annotation, clip shots of PCB artwork and parts of schematics.

I found I can have fun with Hypersnap too.  This is my homage to Miyashita Zenji,  Ceramic Artist.   All done with the drawing tools of Hypersnap,  Line,  Fill,  Shear,  Scale,  Copy and Paste.  But the brilliant idea was his.